Our guests - Klaus Ohlmann and Anssi Soila

In the beginning of July we arranged an important visit. The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre was visited by a world-known glider pilot and a record holder Klaus Ohlmann, who became the first ever glider pilot to fly over Mount Everest in 2014, and Anssi Soila, friend of Klaus and his partner in that historic flight. Klaus is planning one more record flight for which he needs special equipment. He arrived in Russia to the GCTC with the aim to get acquainted with the Sokol space suit. Members of the GCTC staff told him about the details of the work of the space suit, let him put it on and try its modes and answered all his questions. For Klaus it was especially important to spend an hour in a pressurized space suit at a pressure of 0.4 atmosphere. This was necessary for him to understand whether the Sokol space suit meets all his demands.

At the same time his friend Anssi Soila had the chance to train on the SOYUZ TDK and DON SOYUZ simulators, performing docking of the SOYUZ space craft with the International Space Station in automatic and manual modes. He also trained on the VYKHOD-2 simulator, performing “space walk”, experienced weightlessness and walked the surface of the Moon and Mars.

Before training our guests were examined by the doctors of the GCTC. All the time Klaus has spent in a pressurized space suit the doctors has been thoroughly monitoring the state of his health.

Our guests were very much satisfied with their visit. Klaus has achieved his aim to try the Sokol space suit and to realize if it has all the characteristics necessary for the planned record flight. Anssi experienced a lot of new feelings and emotions which is not quite easy for one whose life is full of different impressions.





Flight in an L-39 Fighter Jet



Soyuz TMA-08M spaceflight on March 29th, 2013